Kickstart your weight loss in 21 Days. Shed excessbody fat, boost your metabolism and increase your energy. 


If you want to lose weight and keep it off for good, healthy eating needs to become a habit.

Research shows that it takes about 21 days to form a habit, which is exactly why my 21 Day Healthy-Habit Program is, well, 21 days!

You discover what to eat… what to get at the grocery store…and how to prepare the meals.

You don’t need any expensive devices, rare ingredients, or a flair for cooking.

You can make these recipes with ingredients you can find at almost ANY grocery store, and you can make most in 15 minutes or less.

The best part?

If you can turn a stove on and off, you can prepare these meals!

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What The 21 Day Healthy-Habit Habit Program Offers...

Here’s just a small sampling of what’s included in the 21 Day Healthy Habit Program…

•The super-simple rule that shows you instantly which foods help you lose weight — and which will undermine your best efforts
•The one time of day when eating right is non-negotiable. Get this one wrong, and you’ll lose more muscle than fat.
•Finally the straight truth — how many times a day you should REALLY be eating 5 ways to make meal prep faster and easier
•How to eat healthy and STILL save money on your grocery bill
•Why eating the right fats is actually the secret to losing body fat
•The “magic” fat that can accelerate your weight loss 5 easy ways to stay motivated until your reach your goal
•And how to avoid the simple mistake that can sabotage your best weight loss efforts

You’ll also get...

• An ebook containing everything you need for success
•Easy-to-follow guidelines for choosing meals and snacks that guarantee weight-loss success
•A comprehensive 21-day eating plan, so you know exactly what to eat and when A complete week-by-week grocery list, so you’ll always have the right ingredients on-hand

You get everything spelled out for you…
you can avoid the costly mistakes that I made…
and you can see, firsthand, what clean eating can do for you in just 21 days.
And if that wasn’t enough,

I’d like to sweeten the deal…

Working mum of 3 loses 15kg, gains muscle definition and creates body transformation I’m a wife & working mum of 3 children under 5 years and in January 2014 made the decision to lose the baby weight and get back into shape! To date I have lost 15kg and gained more tone & muscle definition that I ever thought possible. It hasn’t just been a body transformation it’s become a lifestyle change and I couldn’t be happier for it. My day to day eating has improved dramatically & not only supports my training but has increased my energy levels giving me the stamina to keep up with the kids & running around of the crazy family life that it is. I feel so lucky to have the amazing guidance and support & have complete trust in the program which has contributed to my results. I never imagined that making a commitment to ‘me’ would make such a difference to my confidence, attitude and strength & has given me back the person I’m now proud of. Life is busy, but this has absolutely been the best commitment I have made. Not only a healthy, active role model for my family but I simply wake up every day smiling & feeling amazing.

Cassie, 31, Mother of 3

I lost 9kg and 17cm around my weight. I’m full of life, energetic and happy!

 I was 72 kgs. I was lethargic: energy levels 2/10, bloated, unhappy, would get cold sores monthly, bad period pains. I lost 9 kgs. My new weight was 63kgs. Lost 17cm around waist. I feel full of life and so energetic, happy and confident. I’ve developed muscle definition in whole body especially arms. Ive got so much energy at training i can do 30+ push-ups on my toes non stop! NEVER get period pain. Haven’t had a cold sore now for 18 months. Feel fit – energy levels 10/10! I always say… “The feeling of ‘confident’ TOTALLY out weights the feeling of putting yummy good in your mouth” Such a life change… Have kept off the weight for over a year now and still eat clean 90% of the time. 

A Book Based On Facts

Look, I’m not going to pretend things are going to be easy from beginning to end. Yes, I’ve worked out all the hard parts for you, but you have to put in the effort…and that effort will reward you more than you ever imagined. So 3 weeks is just the beginning…and once you have that healthy-eating habit down (that’s definitely the hardest part), you are well on your way to having the body YOU want. It’s my job to help people get the body of their dreams, and I want to help you. But you must take the first step…and if you do nothing, nothing is going to change.

A Word From The Author

I’m going to be honest with you…if you wanted to, you could probably put together a plan for yourself…it’d just take you dozens of hours to do it. You have to find the recipes…balance out the macronutrients for maximum fat burning…figure out the calorie count of each recipe (I have those for every one of my recipes).And, after you do all that, you’d have to figure out your shopping list. So you could do it yourself…but is that how you want to spend your time? Or would you rather me do the hard work for you, KNOWING that you risk nothing because of my guarantee? If you’re ready to save yourself a lot of time, effort, and frustration, click the button below to get instant access to my 21 Day Healthy-Habit Program...